Galigrain's liquid bulk plant at Punta Langosteira outer harbor

We have finished the construction of Galigrain's liquid bulk plant in the outer port of Punta Langosteira, which has a total storage capacity of around 17,000 cubic metres.

Galigrain, which already had a solid bulk plant in the outer port of Punta Langosteira, recently started up a new one for the storage of liquid bulk.

"Both plants form an important complex of products for animal feed, serving as a source of supply for feed mills in Galicia, northern Portugal, Asturias and Castilla y León", explains Ignacio López, director of Galigrain.

The new plant occupies a surface area of 4,500 square metres and has been operational since November, when the first ship that arrived at Langosteira loaded with 5,000 tonnes of vegetable oil was downloaded.

The total storage capacity of this "innovative facility" is around 17,000 cubic metres, distributed in a 12 tanks: five of them are designed for molasses storage, five for palm oil, and two for fatty acids.

"The tanks are insulated, as well as the pipes, and equipped with temperature control systems. It is a very modern installation", emphasises Salvador Cordero, director of operations at Herpasa Inoxilos, the company in charge of building the plant, which is also currently working on another industrial installation in Arteixo.

In addition to the tanks and piping, a small building was constructed which is used as a control room for loading and unloading operations. This is done by means of a computer programme specialised in valve control.

The investment made by Galigrain in this new infrastructure is around 5 million euros and is the result of the relocation and extension of the facilities that “Oleosilos de Galicia” had in the Calvo Sotelo dock.

Published by La Voz de Galicia. See the complete article here