Frequently asked questions

Can Herpasa set up a complete process plant from engineering to turn-key project in Mexico?

Our company has the capacity to perform the engineering as well as the manufacture and purchase of process equipment and its subsequent installation, both in Spain and in other countries, for example Mexico, a key country to our company. Depending on the project, when there is a lot of assembly and installation, we collaborate with local companies, always under our supervision, to carry out the installation and maintain reasonable costs for our client.

We are an Engineering company interested in collaborating with a tanks manufacturer for our clients’ projects. How many days do you need to send us a quotation?

It depends on the complexity of the tank. If it’s a simple storage tank we can send a quotation in 24-48 hours. In the case of a complex tank or reactor including many accessories or functionalities such as agitation, insulation, cooling, etc., we can take 3-4 days.
In any case, our team can adapt to our client’s needs and give an 'express' quotation with approximate prices when required.

We are an industrial engineering company located in the south of France, we need a tanks manufacturer partner for the food and chemical industry with capacity of on-site installation, as well as the installation of piping and complementary equipment, what is your technical and manufacturing capacity?

Concerning the technical capacity, we have the experience to install our tanks with piping, valves, filter, heat exchangers, pumps, etc. in all continents. With regard to our manufacturing capacity, we can manufacture 550 tanks per year from 5,000 liters up to 200-250m3 depending on the diameter, and up to 5000m3 for on-site assembly.

We need several reactors for our manufacturing process, but we need a solution for cooling them since the reaction is highly exothermic. Can you help us?

At Herpasa, we execute the construction of tanks according to our client’s specifications, but we also bring our experience in the design of accessories or functionalities necessary for the fulfilment of a particular task or process parameter, such as the temperature. Depending on the application and the frequency of use we would recommend an outer jacket with recirculation of water through the refrigeration equipment or an inner coil. On the other hand, depending on the temperature, we may need to use water with ethylene glycol to reduce its freezing point. We need to know the specific conditions of your process to recommend the optimal solution in cooling efficiency and cost.