About us

Herpasa performs turnkey projects for process plants, from the start of the project through commissioning: engineering, manufacturing of equipment and machinery, purchasing of complementary process equipment, mechanical and electrical installation, automation and commissioning.

History and Current Activity

HERPASA began its activity in 1974 in Castellbisbal (Barcelona, Spain) with a 8,000 m2 factory. Its main activity was the manufacture of stainless steel tanks, pipe installation and distribution of machinery for the wine and oil industries.

Nowadays, HERPASA business strategy focuses on three pillars of action:

Diversification of sectors

HERPASA currently supplies products to more than 35 subsectors in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, including:

  • Farming cooperatives

  • Slaughterhouses

  • Edible oils and fats

  • Manufacture of pharmaceutical products

  • Cosmetics and personal care

  • Corporal hygiene

  • Colorants & Dyes

  • Cellars

  • Breweries

  • Fertilizers

  • Paints and Varnishes

  • Soft drinks, Fruit Juice & Water

  • Fragrances and Perfumes

  • Detergents and Cleaning Products

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Industrial Fats and Oils

  • Sewage Treatment

  • Biodiesel Plants

  • Animal Fats and Oils

  • Animal Feed

  • Grape must

  • Cider

  • Sparkling wines

  • Essential Oils and Aromatic Substances

The development of complete process plants

Our vision aimed at providing comprehensive service to our customers has led us to develop our own engineering ,to perform process facilities and complete plants for several subsectors within food, chemical and pharmaceutical, currently constituting a business line in itself.

We also collaborate with various engineering companies and experts for those specific subsectors in which we are not experts.


HERPASA has the capacity, both in human and technical resources, to carry out tank installation internationally and to develop 'on-site' projects for our strong client base outside Europe. Since 2003 we have been committed to an even stronger policy of globalisation with the development of a network of representatives and local partners across Europe, Africa and Latin America, that enables us to now have a presence in 23 countries.



Our company has two trademarks: HERPASA, our brand for project development, such as 'on site' or turnkey projects; and TANKINOX, which is our specific brand for stainless steel tanks.

Herpasa has obtained the international certification of quality ISO-9001 2000.

Characteristics of our production process:

  • Development of detailed plans for production according to HERPASA standards, which guarantees the quality and finishes of fine boilerwork.

  • High penetration automatic welds. Certified welders with 5 proprietary welding procedures, based on the GTAW TIG welding technique.

  • Specific cooling jacket construction system to achieve a constant temperature of the product.

Characteristics of our project management processes

  • Multidisciplinary team dedicated to each project with experts in tanks, pipelines, automation and instrumentation.

  • Assemby and production teams able to carry out process plants in the 5 continents.

  • Collaboration with Engineering and Technology Partners allowing us to offer a global service to our clients.