Stainless Steel Tanks

For storage and processing of liquids or solids

We design
and manufacture

We design and manufacture stainless steel and carbon steel tanks (cylindrical or cubic, vertical or horizontal, either flat or conical bottom) for the storage of liquids or solids, both at atmospheric temperature/pressure and at high temperature/pressure.


Our standard tanks cover a range of capacities between 200 and 5,000 m3 and allow for the storage of all types of liquids and solids:


Water, beer, alcohol, vinegar, oil, biodiesel, milk, chocolate and cocoa, palm oil, lecithin juice, sause, cosmetic products, cleaning products, perfumes, dyes, preservative essences and food additives, insecticides, caustic soda, sulphuric acid, etc.


Malt, yeast, fat, feed, animal bones, flour, corn, intestine, sugar, cereals, pellets, clay, etc.

Main types of tanks

The tanks will be classified by their end use purpose, regardless of the type of roof and bottom, the number of wall rings and chambers, or the accessories.

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