A reactor is a tank in which a chemical reaction is generated


A chemical reaction vessel designed to maximize conversion and selectivity of the reaction at the lowest possible cost, time and efficiency.

Reactors are intended for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, to achive the type of contact or flow of the reactants required inside the tank, in order to get a desired mixture with the reactant materials.

In addition to providing sufficient contact time between the substances and the catalyst, to achieve the desired extent of the reaction, it allows for pressure, temperature and composition conditions, so that the reaction takes place in the desired degree and at the desired speed, taking into account the thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of the reaction.

Agitation of the content is essential, because the inner flow must be in constant circulation and thus produce a uniform mixture.


  • Diameters can be customised and can vary between 650 - 4,500 mm.
  • The tank length will vary depending on the number of wall rings and its dimensions (1,000 - 1,250 - 1,500 mm).
  • If working under pressure, the thickness can reach up to 20 mm.
  • It features breakers to ensure homogenization.
  • Accesories depending of customer needs:
  1. Heating system to control the temperature of the product in the lower part of the tank
  2. Heating / cooling system with stud chambers to control the temperature of the product
  3. Tank prepared for the subsequent installation of security panels (ATEX).