Horizontal tanks

Specifically designed for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Oil industry


Horizontal tanks can be used for the storage of petrol, LPG, natural gas and chemicals in general.

The horizontal tank can be installed outdoors supported by a structure or buried for the safety of people and the installation itself (ATEX).


  • Conical bottoms may be torispherical (KLOPPER), semi-elliptical (KORBBOGEN), low pressure (Campsa).
  • Thickness is determined by the design code used (AD Merkblätter, API, CODAP, etc.), and tests according to tank regulations (ATEX).
  1. Tanks are tested according to applicable regulations:
  2. Hydrostatic test X-rayed Vacuum boxes
  3. Liquids Penetrant Inspection
  • Some accesories are:
  1. Access ladder to top platform 
  2.  Metallic structure to fix tank in trucks
  3. Outlet nozzle for discharge of high density product
  4. Top platform for the access to inspection manhold doors and fill