Multiple-compartment Tanks

Space-saving solutions for small facilities


Multi-function tanks with different compartments.

Each compartment can be designed as one type of tank and have its own customised accessories (all compartments do not need to have the same accessories).

Designed to save space in small facilities, specially for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where they usually need to increase the number of tanks, or even in the winery sector (white wine can be stored in the lower part while red wine can be stored in the upper part).


  • This type of tank may have a compartment with a detection system for possible product leaks.
  • Some typical accesories are:
  1. Triple compartment tank with cooling channels (self-emptying and process)
  2. Triple compartment tank with cooling chambers (elaboration of different types of wine)
  3. Triple compartment tank with thermal insulated upper compartment.