Tanks with thermal Insulation.

Intended for liquids that need to maintain a constant temperature.


Stainless steel tank designed to maintain and control the product temperature through cooling or heating chambers that bring the product to the desired temperature and through an external insulation that maintains the temperature for a period of time.

Isothermal tanks are mainly used for the storage of products such as milk, fruit juices, hot or cold water and in general, all type of liquids that require a constant temperature.


  • The type of material (polyurethane, rock wool, etc.), as well as the thickness of the outer layer (40, 50, 80, 100, 120 mm, etc.), will determine the time and efficiency of the insulation.
  • In order to achieve optimum, airtight coupling with the minimum possible heat losses, the insulation will have an outer shell (stainless or riveted aluminum) that gives a more aesthetic appearance to the tank.
  • The pipes will be sized depending on the thickness of the insulation layer.
  • Large openings will feature a refrigetator door with insulation frame to prevent heat leaks.
  • The material predominantly used for tank insulation and the one offering the most efficient properties and characteristics is rock wool. The most efficient models of insulation blanket (rock wool) are the SPINTEX 322G and 342G, with excellent thermal conductivity characteristics and a density of approximately 70 kg/m3 and 100 kg/m3 respectively. These rock wool blankets incorporate a metal mesh of galvanised steel on one of their sides, which is sewn with steel wire, and are able to maintain average (322G) and extreme (342G) temperatures.

Some accesories can be:

  1. Detail of the insulation by removable lid of inspection.
  2. Manhole door Insulation frame for access to inspection. 
  3. Manhole door Insulation detail of the tank and accesories. 
  4. Insulation detail of the topEnd shields for perfect thermal sealing of nozzles Insulation detail of nozzles.