Red wine Fermentation Tanks


Tanks designed to perform the fermentation process of red wines, by incorporating cooling/heating chambers (depending on the cooling surface required by each tank).

They are manufactured in different diameters, depending on the customer’s needs.


  • The thickness will be determined by the design code used (AD Merkblätter, API, CODAP, etc.), and by the dimensions of the tank.
  • The diammeter can be done until 4,8m in our workshop and for bigger ones it's built on site.
  • The accessories may vary according to the use of the tank and the product to be stored in it. In addition to common accessories, we have specific accessories for the fermentation tanks of red wine as valves (rise pipe and partial outlet), aspiration and impulsion with rise pump. detachable drain grille, treads system for breaking and inmersion of the hat, collector pipe for refrigerator chambers complete with purge and electrovalve. typical fermentation accessories and metallic structure, electrical panel for the automated control of temperature, aspiration / impulsion and cleaning