Always-full tanks

Intended for producers of oil, wine, milk, fruit juice or other food liquids


The Always-full tanks preserve the excellent properties of the products. They are commonly used to store sunflower, olive, soybean or palm oil and other types of liquids.

The Always-full stainless steel tank designed by Herpasa is equipped with a roof that floats on the surface of the stored liquid (floating roof) to eliminate the air chamber between the liquid and the roof. The roof rises and falls with the liquid level in the tank, which creates the feeling that the tank is always full, thus avoiding the potential contamination from air in the chamber.

Always-full tanks can be combined with other types of tanks (storage, fermentation, etc.) depending on the use they are designed for.


  • Diameters can be customised and range from 650 to 2,500 mm, due to the limitations of the floating roofs dimensions.
  • The thickness will be determined by the design code used (AD Merkblätter, API, CODAP, etc.), and by the tank dimensions.
  • The accessories may vary according to the use of the tank and the product to be stored in it. In addition to common, we have specific accessories for the always-full tanks:
  1.   Interior detail of an always-full tank (floating top).