Chemical tanks

Specially designed with finishes for the chemical industry


Tank designed exclusively for the chemical industry for any process of product treatment.

Some chemicals require high temperature heating (> 100 ° C). This involves the manufacture of a coil around the body of the tank through which the gas will circulate at the predetermined operating temperature and pressure.


  • Diameters can be customised and depending on the required capacity they are built in the workshop or in the client’s facilities.
  • Piping connections, registration ports, valves, etc. are specific to the chemical industry, although the construction process is very similar to other sectors. The finish may vary.
  • As an alternative to the mixing system by side or vertical agitators, we can install a pumping system for air, gas or other products, that shakes the stored product without altering its composition or state. This system is to be used in tanks destined for the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
  • The number of pumping pipes will be determined by the volume of the tank, the air flow injected and the pipes diameter.
  • Some accesories can be:
  1. Dryer for animal feed industry.
  2. Internal coil for heating and product temperature maintenance.
  3. Tank with half hinged lid and vertical stirrer for product mixing.
  4. External device for the control of product temperature.