Tanks designed to store grains and other bulk solids


Large tanks designed to store grain and other bulk solids (gut, flour, yeast, pellets, corn, chocolate, etc.), for the agricultural industry and even for commodities in the chemical and cosmetic industries.

Silos may be equipped by augers to help in the difficult tasks of product mixing and extraction by the bottom part of the silo. Due to the density and weight of the stored products, sometimes a simple extraction by gravity it is not possible.


  • Silo Discharge. The flowability of certain powders is occasionally so poor that vibratory bottoms, fluidizing plates, pneumatic hammers, or air guns are required for the silo discharge.
  • Silo vibrating bottom. Conical shaped device, which facilitates the material flow of silos/hoppers by vibration.
  1. Stainless steel cone.
  2. High strength polymer seal.
  3. Suspensions for the connection of the silo vibrating bottom.
  4. Electric vibrators.
  • The silos can have several load cells installed in each of the silo supports so that they automatically control the volume of product stored inside.
  • Depending on the product stored inside the silo, a cooling/heating chamber may be required at the silo bottom.
  • Depending on the stored product (flour, chocolate, etc.), dust chambers may be created in the upper part of the silo, which can be classified as explosive atmospheres (ATEX). Therefore, silos must be equipped with safety systems that act when necessary to avoid internal deflagrations through fire suppression systems (some of which must be conducted according to the applicable regulations).
  • Some accessories can be:
  1. Detail of tank support with cells for tank filling control.
  2. Silo with top structure for installation of vertical stirrer and safety panels (ATEX).
  3. Detail of screw conveyor.