Oil paste treatment plant

Line composed of olein tanks, decanters, acidic water, for bottoms, pastes, sulfuric, phosphoric, citric, sodium hydroxide, tricanter water and oleins for tricanter.

Each piece of equipment is designed for the specific work to be carried out, being heated and insulated for the most part. Process temperatures range from 180ºC to 45ºC. The purpose of this plant is to transform the pastes from the refining of vegetable oils into oleins.

Industry: Food and Chemical

Country: Spain

Year: 2023


  • 250m3, 100m3, 90m3, 80m3, 60m3, 50m3, 45m3, 30m3 and 1m3 tanks
  • Heating systems using steam and hot water
  • Protection with special fibers for corrosive products.
  • Insulation with polyurethane and rock wool
  • Cleaning systems
  • Engineering and supervision