We present the new Herpasa video

The new animated video of Herpasa summarizes the services we offer to customers who need new productive units or to expand their existing industrial facilities.

It is a complex process that Herpasa carries out in a very simple way, and this is reflected in our new video, which has been animated to simplify the complex processes and technicalities we undergo.  


In the video, we explain that we execute turnkey projects of process facilities, both liquids, and solids, as well as having our own production of stainless steel tanks and reactors.

It also details the extensive experience we have in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food sectors and our highly qualified commercial and technical team that will be able to solve all your concerns.

The engineering department of Herpasa collaborates in the calculation and design of process plants, including all equipment, pipes, pumps, filters, tanks, valves, and their automation. You can even see in 3D how your plant looks before we start the manufacturing!

Herpasa makes it simple.