Bulk liquid storage tanks in Punta Langosteira (Spain)

Construction of the Galigrain liquid bulk storage plant in the outer port of Punta Langosteira. It is part of an important manufacturing complex for animal feed products.

Year: 2021

Project: Galigrain

Capacity: 17,000 cubic meters.


The plant occupies an area of 4,500 square meters, including:

  • Two 750 m3 stainless steel tanks for the storage of molasses

  • Two 2,000 m3 tanks for molasses

  • One 1,500 m3 tank for molasses

  • Five 1,500 m3 tanks for molasses

  • Two 500 m3 tanks for fatty acids

  • Insulation system.

  • Temperature control systems inside the tanks.

  • Control room for loading and unloading operations using a computer program specialized in valve control.