Bioreactor Skid in Spain

Bioreactor skid that controls all parameters involved in the process of microbial growth, their visualization and management through SCADA systems.

Year: 2021

Capacity: 100 Lts.


A bioreactor skid for a leading company in the research and production of recombinant enzymes for use in biomedicine and cosmetics.

  • Complete bioreactor skid, with cooling jacket for temperature control, stirrer, probes, etc. to maintain a series of critical conditions in the reactor environment: pH, temperature, nutrients and dissolved oxygen.

Operation in "batch" mode, with the following operating stages:

  • Loading of the culture medium.

  • Inoculum addition.

  • Bioreaction.

  • Bioreactor discharge.

  • CIP: Automated cleaning of the bioreactor, its piping, and components.

  • SIP: Sterilization of the bioreactor.