Biodiesel is the production of methyl ester of fatty acids, produced from vegetable or animal fat, with a similar quality to diesel, for use as a biofuel.

It is a clean, renewable biofuel contributing to environmental conservation.

For the production of biodiesel, HERPASA uses two methods to obtain the raw material: agro bioenergy and recycling.

Recycling focuses on used oils, animal fats and oleins, and converting them into biofuel.

The type of plant we design will depend on the raw material used during production, always backed up by our 15 years experience in the industry.

We perform integrated management of plant development from planning and design through implementation and certification: storage tanks for raw materials, acids, additives, methanol, finished product, and glycerin. Process reactors, dryers, separators, clarifiers, digesters, filters, heat exchangers, pumping stations, automated pipelines and glycerin distillation columns.

HERPASA is duly registered in Spain as a 2nd category oil installations installer company (REIP-2)