Wine & Spirits

Herpasa is currently a leading company in the construction of tanks for the wine industry. Throughout these years, we have gained the confidence of our clients, who have given us the opportunity to collaborate on their projects, both nationally and internationally. Our extensive experience in this sector has enabled us to make significant improvements in production equipment for the elaboration of spirits in a range of varieties and qualities.

We at HERPASA offer customized solutions for wine and spirits production, always providing the technology that best suits our client’s needs.

Our experience and extensive knowledge in the wine and spirits industry allows us to utilise the most appropriate technological process, ensuring a safe and fine quality finished product.

We plan and execute turnkey projects for the reception of grapes, maceration, fermentation, transport, storage, refrigeration treatments, pasteurization and all those intermediate processes required for the production of high quality wines.

Both welds and plates are subject to a special process of pickling and passivation, in order to maintain the inherent properties of stainless steel.